As Stanford is my dream school, it’s the first school whose essay topic I’ve started to ponder.

Essay A: What matters most to you, and why? (750 words)

Essay B: Why Stanford? (400 words)

From reading forums and other people’s blogs, the advice frequently given is to not start with your top 1-2 schools, reason being that it is during the writing process that ideas are formulated. It is usually the case where the first idea that pops to your head is not going to be what ends up getting written on paper (or typed up in this case). But just glancing over the prompt has gotten me to be quite introspective.

What really matters to me most? How has it influenced who I am today? How does it relate to the person I want to become? If you don’t know, GSB is all about personality and self-awareness, getting to know not only your classmates (hence the small class sizes) but also yourself. Whereas Harvard emphasizes on leadership, Stanford’s focus seems to be all about the building of trust, awareness of self, and empathy. I don’t have a definitive answer yet nor do I know what I am going to write about but it’s good to start thinking about it, not only for business school but just in general. Where does my passion exactly lie?

What I plan on doing from now until August, is just thinking back through my life, going all the way back to when I was born and just jotting little things during points in my life that have been ingrained in my head. From there, hopefully I can find some pivotal moment, some defining memory that has shaped the person I am today. I would suggest you do the same. The admissions committee will see right through stories blindly made up or a story chosen randomly painted with some extra fluff.

Researching more about what Stanford has to offer has gotten me super excited and nervous at the same time about this application process. My eagerness to get into Stanford trumps the time when I was applying for undergrad. Prior to this, going to business school was simply another line to be added on my resume but the more research I do, the more alumni I talk to, the more I see going to business school as being the missing gap to round out my education and my skill set. If the argument is that the time and the money won’t repay itself, then I think you are wrong. It’s the intangible skills that you pick up that will pay off in the future: the confidence, the network, the leadership, all of which you can’t put a price on.

Writing about this has gotten me super pumped about this application process! Can’t wait to share more updates with you guys!



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