My last blog post highlights my experience taking both the GRE and the GMAT. I would advise people who feel like they didn’t do well or at least meet their expectations on one test to try the other.

Each test tests different skill sets of an individual. I’m assuming that you are here because you are interested in applying to bschool and the first test that you would probably think of is the GMAT, the more commonly used of the two when applying.

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Experience taking both the GMAT and GRE

I can share some of my personal advice as to why I decided to take the GRE over the GMAT.

During the summer after graduation, I studied months on hand in preparation to take the GMAT. The goal was to finish taking the GMATs before I started work so that I would not have to worry about this for the next five years. I studied day in and day out, buying the Manhattan GMAT prep test book and going through every single practice test offered by pretty much every single test prep company (Kaplan, Princeton Review, Veritas, you name it..)

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Back to School?

Before you believe or go with anything I say, you may just be curious as to who I am and why I’m going back to school to bschool:

Demographic: 20 something year old Asian male

Academics: MS/BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley

GRE: V161, Q170, AW: 5 (equivalent to 750 GMAT)

Work Experience: Worked at Google for 2 years as a payments and risk management analyst. Transferred to a role within the data science team at YouTube last year

Extracurricular/personal: International volunteer experience. Started a computer science club in SF. Blogger for a music collective

Career Goals: To become a product manager for a startup

Schools: (looking to apply R1 2016): Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, MIT, U.Chicago, Northwestern, Columbia (?), Haas (?)